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We are primarily a supplier of Business-to-Business services. Consequently, this website is intended for business users, not for the general public.

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We offer software consultancy and bespoke software development, both relating to:

We can now develop for the Apple Mac platform

We are now ISO 9001 certified

Want to know how we do business?

The services we offer are wide-ranging and tailored to the specific requirements of a business, regardless of its size. Our reputation is built on cost-effectiveness, high quality and efficient design.

Outsource your software development projects to us. Whether you require a complete software consultancy service, a new application to perform a specific task, or help with the integration of existing off-the-shelf packages, we will be pleased to help.

Our way of working is as flexible as the demands of software consultancy and software development require. We can work on the basis of ad-hoc day-to-day requirements, providing development or consulting resources by the day or half-day as needed, or we can take on complete development projects. In either case, we can work alone or alongside customers' own IT staff. We are happy to work in whatever manner best fits the needs of your project.

Here are some reasons for buying software consultancy and software development services from us:

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Customer Testimonials

"Enchaine Informatic Ltd. provided Göbel and Partner with a major bespoke business administration system within the promised timescale and at the agreed price. Since then, they have continued to provide a level of technical support which is both very professional and very responsive. Their work throughout the project has been highly professional and to a very high standard, yet very cost-effective."

— Dino Kyriacou, Göbel & Partner

"Enchaine Informatic Ltd. has delivered high quality work within the specified time frame. The cooperation and understanding exhibited in undertaking the work has been to a very high standard and we would not hesitate to use them again."

— Garry Whitten, Peak Development


It can often be the case within an organisation that the technology takes control of the business processes, when it should always be the other way around.

A company may have all its hardware in place and the software may do what was promised, but the processes and the equipment do not always interrelate as well as they could. Expensive time can be spent transferring essential information from one department to another or dealing with the complex IT needs of individual areas that have differing priorities. No-one within an organisation can be expected to have all the answers when it comes to IT. Everyone has their own specialist areas of expertise and their application preferences - and everybody comes up against their own 'glass ceiling' at some stage or another. Sometimes, quite simply, another perspective is required.

Whatever the size of an organisation, Enchaine Informatic's consultancy service covers both the analysis of existing tools and recommendations for future development. It includes guidance on either bespoke or off-the-shelf software and the business processes associated with it. Our services combine the experience, the comprehensive technical knowledge and the objective viewpoint that are needed to ensure an organisation's technology functions fully in line with its needs.

We allow a company to concentrate on building its core business, while having confidence in the technological processes that are needed to run it.

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Software Development

All businesses are individual. Consequently the software needs defined by an organisation's products, processes and management culture will vary.

Enchaine Informatic recognises this and provides a complete bespoke software development service that allows companies to build their technology around their requirements, rather than the other way around.

Our service includes everything from a detailed impartial analysis of your requirements, through to the design and production of the software, its installation, the training of staff and the essential follow-up support to ensure the desired end result is achieved and maintained.

Whether your requirements are department-wide or pan-company, we can give you the tools to work to your own specifications, rather than within pre-set boundaries.

In addition to corporate IT solutions, we can also provide expertise to design and develop embedded control solutions. Please contact us for details.

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Supply Chain

The supply chain function is one of the core processes within any organisation. Having efficient and integrated control over incoming and outgoing merchandise, anticipating demand and recognising purchasing trends can give an organisation the competitive edge which is much needed in today's environment.

Enchaine Informatic has spent many years developing supply chain solutions which are flexible, simple to use and reliable. As with our other services, an effective system can be built around existing software or developed in a completely bespoke manner.

Our solutions can incorporate all the links in the supply chain, from supplier and inventory management through to order processing and despatch, in addition to the related accounting and other procedures required by your company's quality systems.

Our supply chain solutions cover most of the core business processes within any organisation. Here are some examples of the areas we cover:

We can help you to ensure that your technology is managed in the most effective way, to make the most of any potential opportunities that may arise anywhere within your supply chain process.

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Contact/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintaining a loyal customer base and maximising relationships in this area are vital for the continuing growth of any company in today's competitive environment. An effective customer relationship management system ensures that an organisation can always take a proactive stance in this regard.

While most companies now have a client database of one kind or another, there are ways that these can be further developed to make the most of the customer interface. It may be that additional mining or report facilities are required, or perhaps what is needed is a fully integrated system that is accessible to all relevant personnel.

Enchaine Informatic has considerable experience in developing CRM solutions which can include, for example, details of conversations and correspondence, prompts for action and purchase records, together with the essential reporting capabilities.

Here are some examples of the kind of CRM solutions we can develop:

We can develop a system for you which ensures that everyone within your organisation who faces the customer has concurrent access to the same information, thus demonstrating efficiency to the client and giving staff the confidence to pre-empt the needs of your marketplace.

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Data Sharing

Many specific business requirements can be met happily by off-the-shelf software. However, the packages chosen will not always be compatible with one another. This can lead to duplicated effort, wasted data and less than perfect reporting processes. All of which can result in increased time and financial costs.

Enchaine Informatic can develop the bespoke software required to integrate your current systems, transfer existing data to different packages or just provide a more user-friendly interface.

Our data sharing solutions cover situations such as the following:

We can help you to maximise your existing IT investment along the way, avoiding expensive mistakes, while ensuring you have access to the advantages provided by advances in software technology.

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We use the following technologies to provide solutions for our customers:

Operating Systems
  Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/2003 etc.)
  Mac OS X (10.4 "Tiger" and above)
  Unix (Solaris and HP-UX)

Programming Languages
  All Microsoft .NET languages (VB, C++, C#, J#)
  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  Objective-C (Apple Mac OS)
  Java 2™
  OpenVMS: Pascal
  OpenVMS: Basic
  OpenVMS: DCL

Other Technology
  Microsoft SQL Server
  Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc.)
  Mac OS X technologies
  SAP interfacing technologies (eg Business Connector, DCOM Connector)
  UML (object modelling)
  J2EE technology (JSP, Servlets, EJB)
  Oracle (8i & 9i)
  TOLAS (6.4, 6.4+ and TOFU)
  OpenVMS: Rdb/VMS
  OpenVMS: RMS

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Latest News

December 2006: Mac OS X development service now available

We are pleased to announce that we now have the capability and expertise to develop software for Apple's Mac OS X "Tiger" operating system and later versions.

This new capability has already been used to deliver development expertise to one of our long-standing customers. It adds to an impressive list of capabilities that Enchaine Informatic already had, and will improve the range of options that we are able to offer to our customers.

For a full list of our development capabilities, see our Technology page.


January 2006: BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Certified!

Enchaine Informatic is proud to announce that it has BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

We have been working towards this goal for some time now, and the company has been a Founder member of the PCG(QS) scheme almost since its inception. In May 2005, we began running an ISO9001 quality system, as announced in our Newsletter at the time. On 4th November 2005, after running the system for just over 5 months, we gained certification.

Existing and prospective customers can now be confident that they are dealing with a supplier that takes its business seriously, and which operates a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2000.